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An easy and innovative solution to all your financial needs

What We Do

ICS is a vibrant new company which takes all your financial needs and consolidates them into one product. Card-carrying members of ICS are able to apply for any of the credit solutions that we offer, although they may not necessarily qualify for all of them.

Can you imagine having your cellular contract, cellular insurance, home loan, home loan insurance and your Student loan all managed and overseen by one company? That is exactly what we do here at ICS.

All of the credit services that you have taken out with ICS are consolidated into one personalised product for you, with only one debit order going off every month.

How We Work

The credit products offered by ICS are underwritten by various different underwriters. In this way, we ensure that we are giving you the absolute best value for money. ICS searches on your behalf for the best contract deal available on the market, and still manages to negotiate an additional discount for you.

Our call centres agents are all highly trained and skilled in providing a product to suit a client’s individual needs. We encourage an atmosphere of dynamic synergy within our call centre.

We understand that people lead busy lives and time is the most valuable commodity that they possess. It is for this reason that clients are given prompt hassle-free assistance without having to go anywhere. Our agents are multi-talented – they can assist with queries of any nature. The value of this is that clients do not have to be put through to several different departments before can speak to someone that will be able to answer a simple question that they have.

Our Vision

Interactive Credit Solutions aspires to inspire its employees to be the best that they can be.  With an ethos of attitude, integrity, accountability and productivity, we strive to give our clients the world-class service that they have come to expect from us. ICS will engage in only sustainable practices, while continuously anticipating and meeting the needs of our clients. We envision our company as the nationwide credit solution that people will turn to for their credit needs. We believe that our brand will be so well trusted to take care of all our clients’ needs simultaneously, that they will never feel the need to go anywhere else.

Our Mission

Interactive Credit Solutions strives to treat each and every one of our clients as if s/he was our only one, and make him/ her feel like family. No client’s portfolio is more important than anyone else’s, and for this reason we ensure that each client is given equal service, and always of a very high standard. At ICS we believe that it is an honour to be trusted with our client’s financial obligations, and we treat them as no less than our own. In this way, we will ensure a satisfied client base that grows by the day.

What We Believe In

We are a pioneering call centre that promotes innovation within our company.

Our treasured employees are the cement that holds our company together. They form the most important part of our business and that is why we value them so greatly.

We do not treat our employees as numbers, we treat them as people. It is this leading by example that teaches our employees in turn to treat clients as people and numbers as numbers.

We pride ourselves in communicating transparently with our clients, and ensure that there are no hidden clauses or anything that they do not fully understand. All documentation and communication is done in simple English, and where clients request to speak in their own language, we make it our mission to find a speaker of their language to assist them. We go out of our way to explain everything clearly to our clients so that there is never any misunderstanding. We are massive supporters of the TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) law passed by the Financial Services Board (FSB).

Our clients are treated as family and we go out of our way to assist them, even when the problem at hand is unrelated to ICS or any product we offer.

ICS always has our clients’ best interests at heart, and that is why any action by an ICS employee that causes the client to be misled is cause for immediate dismissal.

We deliver nothing less than excellent service to our clients and stakeholders, because we understand that without the, the company would not exist.

Our Values and What They Mean To Us

Our four core values are attitude, integrity, accountability and productivity. They are what we live by at Interactive Credit Solutions.


At ICS, we accept nothing but positivity. Our call centre is a vibrant place, and our employees show it. Our consultants believe in the importance of each and every client, and always treat them as such. With a can-do attitude, we assist our clients wherever we can. Our clients receive nothing less than excellent service, and we always go the extra mile to assist them. It is our attitude and our belief in our company that has enabled it to grow as substantially as it has over the past year, and attitude is something we do not compromise on.


In the financial services industry, integrity is something that we cannot be without as we are dealing with people’s money and ultimately having a direct impact on people’s lives. It is our responsibility to ensure that we offer nothing but the best financial advice to our clients, and only offer them products that will be a benefit to them. Within our company, integrity is a massive thing and any questionable act or behaviour will lead to immediate dismissal and being debarred from the Financial Services Industry as a whole.


We understand that our employees are people too and people make mistakes. Our employees are taught from the moment they are hired that accountability is a non-negotiable. They are expected to be liable for their actions, to take responsibility for them and also to disclose any results transparently. If a mistake is made, the agent needs to consult with his manager immediately so that the problem can be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. If the mistake is left unnoticed and unresolved, it could cause a tidal wave of problems down the line.


There are only so many hours in a day, and ICS believes in making the most of them. This value resonates so strongly throughout our company that we do not need to enforce it. Most of our staff are so disciplined that very few of them take their full lunch hour – they are focused on attending to clients’ needs and getting their job done as efficiently as possible. Our agents are team players and not one of them is only in it for themselves. They are true ICS Warriors and the kinds of people that will bring this company to the top.

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