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ICS Credit Report Assist

If you are about to apply for a loan or any other form of credit, it makes sense to check your credit rating before the lending institutions do. This allows you to take action and deal with any adverse reports, late payment reports, default judgements (blacklisting), or other negative information wherever possible.

Even if you are not planning to apply for a loan or credit in the near future, it still makes sense to check your credit status so you don’t get any nasty surprises if someone runs a credit check on you – for example a prospective employer.

How it Works

  • To get the benefit of this service, simply phone in to the call centre
  • The operator will request any relevant details from you
  • These details will then be used to obtain a credit report on your behalf, based on information from some of South Africa’s top credit information bureaus and government agencies
  • Once received, the credit report will be sent to you (usually within 24 hours)
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  • This benefit is only available to current, paid-up ICS members
  • A maximum of two credit reports will be supplied per member within a 12 month period

Benefits of Regularly Checking Your Credit Status

  • Allows you to keep up to date with your credit rating and what information about you is being collected and supplied to potential creditors or employers.
  • You can tell in advance what information will be seen by a creditor so you have some idea of how successful your application for a loan is likely to be.
  • Makes it possible for you to check the accuracy of information collected by the credit bureaus and how up to date this information is. This allows you to take action, e.g. ask for the removal of reports or judgements that have expired and are still on your record, or request that incorrect personal details be corrected.
  • Highlights attempted or actual identity theft. If you see late or non-payment reports on accounts you have not opened, or requests for credit checks from companies or people you have never dealt with, ask questions and get the credit bureau to investigate.

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